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03 / 07

I’m envisioning and crafting future products and experiences. Often together with digitally mature companies and start-ups.

With a designer's mindset I set out to deconstruct challenges — making sure to start with the right “it” and move fast from product vision to square one.


Accomplished projectsIn the last 24 Months


Supervised clientsFrom various verticals


RegretsNo, nada, niente

  1. 2017Co-Founder of fourweeksgood
  2. 2015Strategic Design at Intuity
  3. 2014Bachelor of Arts: “Next Urban Mobility”
  4. 2013Center of Competence: HMI at Bosch
  5. 2012Creative Intern at Jung von Matt
  6. 2011Freelance Design

Let's talk distances

I live and work in the world's most livable cities — currently Amsterdam, NLD. You may call this digital nomadism.

From startup to DAX30

In the last five years I worked with partners ranging from start-ups to DAX30 corporations.

Putting a lot of brain power on re-imagining the way people move from place to place I learned about the transformative potential and the hiccups of the mobility and transportation industry. Joining forces with the talented people at Intuity I explored the very edge of future mobility — from autonomous driving, connected parking to sensor-enabled logistics and whole new genres of electric mobility.



Explore / Anticipate

The most exciting part of every project is the possibility to dive deep into a broad variety of topics with the brightest minds of a company. Analyzing interdependent challenges and scouting the options for the products possible futures are something which is woven into my DNA.


Ideate / Prototype

Laying out possible ideas is great. But how do you enable the investor / upper management / future client to really evaluate the outcome? — Show'em! Prototypes are developed in rapid sprints where we go from insights to ideation. From refining concepts to producing wireframes, click dummies or physical objects. Unlock the next episode!

Square One

Design / Deliver

Turning power into motion. The users experience with your final product has easily become one of the best competitive advantages a company can have. Getting that power on the road requires retaining focus and aligning the whole team working on that launch. Not a piece of cake but essential to turn square one into a launchpad.